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This Is A Cool Computer ProgramCelebrity bloopers here

This Indian village boy is from a rural village of India. His father [seen in the video] is a paranoid. This boy was beaten by his father one night and he locked himself in a room. He stayed in that room for three months and when he came out, He was talking fluent British-American English. Since then he has been writing several papers in Physics and has been constantly looking forward to meet the former President APJ Abdul Kalam , who happened to be a missile technology scientist. In the video one can see how the Stupid Indian television media is trying to make money out of it. They have been asking most foolish questions and a lot of astrology tantrums. The boy is seen possessed by some thing supernatural..bullshit

Information technology has come a long way in India. The great slowdown of 2000 was a meteorite hit for Indian IT sending ripples to entire economy. IT has stablised a lot since then. A Boom in the BPO sector pushed it to a higher level but with a shaky factor of dependency on western outsourcing laws and thinking. According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, the offshore IT and BPO industries accounted for nearly 95 per cent of the absolute growth in foreign exchange inflows associated with services industries between 2000 and 2004. While total services exports grew by 60 per cent from US$16 billion in 2000 to US$25 billion in 2004, offshore IT and BPO exports tripled in the same period. This indicates somehow an exponential growth after 2005. In 2007 we are in a good position and can sense a stability.

The million dollar question is ” Are we stable enough to sustain this growth for another 5 years?”. I tried to put some facts in front and then answer the question above. View full article »

Tools for Bloggers

Online blogging is taking a new turn now. The online blog writing is quite a fad but writing blogs offline only to be published later is also has its own charm. I found two tools that are latest and one of the best for offline blogging.

1. Qumana is an easy-to-use desktop blog editor, enabling you to write, edit and post to one or more blogs.

2. Windows Live Writer is offline blog writing tool from Microsoft. Released as Beta , good for Microsoft follower.

My personal favourite is Qumana. got everything which a regular blogger requires..

Powered by Qumana

I recently found an article by one of my good friend about Document management and a easy way to handle it. I realized its not end of the road for SME’s if they want to maintain their document archives. I thought its a good idea to expose some of the best tools available today which to a great extent match the requirements posed by SME’s.

I still remember a project at V.V Giri National labour Institute which was I think one of the biggest attempt in India to digitize old labour documents and records . The library is now in a very good shape and found here

The key software behind it was GreenStone Digital Library , An open source suite of softwares for building and distributing digital library collections. It is open-source, multilingual software, issued under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Greenstone runs on all versions of Windows, and Unix/Linux, and Mac OS-X. It is very easy to install. For the default Windows installation absolutely no configuration is necessary, and end users routinely install Greenstone on their personal laptops or workstations. Institutional users run it on their main web server, where it interoperates with standard web server software (e.g. Apache).

Powered by Qumana

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